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Do You Need a Short Term Plan?

Did you miss the Open Enrollment Period? Do you also not have a Qualifying Life Event?

Do not worry -- you can still get health insurance coverage with a Short Term Plan!

Why get a Short Term Plan?

Unless you can afford to pay all the costs of a serious illness or accident -- and most of us can’t -- you will need Short Term coverage to take care of these expenses for you. Even if you only need coverage for basic health care services, a Short Term Plan can help you save on the cost of your medical care.

As the name suggests, Short Term Plans are just that: a short term or temporary solution. They can be used for coverage for just 30 days or up to the maximum of 12 months. It is important for you not to have a lapse in health care coverage, and these potential gaps are what Short Term Plans are designed to fill.

Short Term Plans are similar to how insurance was before the Affordable Care Act, which is why they are sometimes referred to as “Private Plans.” That said, in comparison to Marketplace Plans, Short Term Plans are relatively inexpensive, which is great because the subsidies under Obamacare do not apply to Short Terms Plans.

If you have a preexisting medical condition, some insurers may not offer you a Short Term Plan. The good news is that is connected to all the major California insurers. If you are denied by one, we will help you find the next best option.

So don't wait -- enter your zip code now to start comparing Short Term Plans!