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Nearly Every Health Plan Available in California

If you’re looking for California health insurance, you’ve come to the right place -- because has access to nearly every single health policy available!

The Affordable Care Act -- also known as "Obamacare" -- established two primary types of health plans: Marketplace Plans and Short Term Plans. It’s important to understand the differences as you shop for health care coverage.

Marketplace Plans

Marketplace Plans are the first category of plans. They are available only During Open Enrollment, although it is possible to sign up for such plans After Open Enrollment if you meet certain criteria.

Marketplace Plans are basically offered in four coverage tiers. Also known as “metal plans,” they are categorized as Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. As the name suggests, Bronze Plans have the lowest monthly cost, however, your out-of-pocket medical expenses are going to be higher with a Bronze Plan. The level of coverage offered with a Bronze Plan is best suited for those who do not have any ongoing medical needs or just go to the doctor for mainly preventative check-ups. Platinum Plans are on the exact opposite end of the spectrum. You pay more per month, but far less out-of-pocket. A plan like this makes sense if you very regularly require medical services.

The good news is that no matter what your plan, the Affordable Care Act makes sure that you cannot be denied for preexisting medical conditions, and that no insurance company can drop you if you simply cost them too much! Every plan will protect you and includes emergency/hospitalization services; preventative care; maternity and pediatric care; mental health services; prescription drugs and laboratory services; and rehab services.

And there is even more good news! Many Californians actually qualify for a government subsidy. What are subsidies? Subsidies are like “discounts” that are applied directly to the monthly or annual cost of your policy. You have to meet certain household income criteria to qualify. Based on the information you provide, helps determine your qualification. Just enter your zip code to begin.

A fifth coverage tier is the Catastrophic Plan. It only covers you for serious illnesses or emergencies. The plan is already subsidized and you must meet certain qualifications to be eligible.

Learn more about Marketplace Plans and subsidies here.

Short Term Plans

In addition to Marketplace Plans, also offers Short Term Plans.

Remember that Marketplace Plans are the easiest to get During Open Enrollment. If it is After Open Enrollment, you need have what is known as a “Qualifying Life Event” to get a Marketplace Plan. A Qualifying Life Event is typically a major life change, such as a new child; marriage/divorce; change of jobs or employment status; etc.

As the name suggests, Short Term Plans are a temporary but great solution if you missed open enrollment and do not have a qualifying life event. Such plans are meant to provide you with health coverage until the next open enrollment or until you qualify. Short Term plans are purchased in monthly increments. Before enrolling, it is important to ask yourself how long you will need such coverage. Most people typically purchase a policy that is between 6 to 9 months in length.

Sometimes referred to as “Private Insurance,” because the plans generally do not follow the guidelines set forth by the government, Short Term Plans differ from Marketplace Plans in that you can be denied coverage because of a preexisting medical condition. Fortunately, has access to all of the major health insurers that offer these plans. If you are denied by one company, we will help you find another that fits.

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We Can Find You a Plan No Matter What

From Marketplace Plans to Short Term options, truly has you covered! It doesn’t matter if you missed the Open Enrollment Period or have concerns about your eligibility; we will find you the best health insurance plan. So don’t wait -- just enter your zip code or call 855-597-0385 to begin!